War/ History/ Power/ Subjectivization

In the first week three short films of the director Jasmila Žbanić as well as short documentaries of the SaGA (The Sarajevo Group of Authors) group will be shown. Furthermore the film „Route 181“ by Michel Khleifi and Eyal Sivan will be screened, which thematizes the UN Resolution 181. Palestinians as well as Israelis on the dividing line are being portrayed and accompanied.

Monday, 25.9., 8 p.m.

Drei Kurzfilme von Jasmila Žbanić (BIH):

„Red Rubber Boots“, 2000, 18 min; „Images from the Corner“, 2003, 39 min; „Birthday“ (part of “Lost and Found”, 99 min), 2005

+ Lecture

SaGA - documentary films about the war in Bosnia (BIH/ 1992 -94):

„Confessions of a Monster“, Ademir Kenović und Ismet Arnautalić, November 1992, 30 min

„I Burnt Legs“, Srdjan Vuletić, April 1993, 10 min

„Amela´s School Holiday“, Zlatko Lavanić, September 1993, 21 min

„War in Children“, Nedžad Begović, März 1994, 10 min 


Tuesday, 26.9., 8 p.m.

Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel“, Michel Khleifi & Eyal Sivan , B/F/D/ 2004, 270min