Jasmila Žbanić (Sarajevo/BiH)

Jasmila Žbanić belongs to an important group of filmmakers who as very young art students experienced firsthand the war against Bosnia-Heregowina and against the capital city of Sarajevo in particular. While the war was still waging, they decided to begin making films. The institutional framework in which Jasmila Žbanić shows her films is that of contemporary art exhibitions or projects and not so much that of cinema. The conceptual approach employed by Žbanić is documentary and based on extensive research. Her subject matter - the war in Bosnia – did not become moot for the filmmaker and the populace once the battles and attacks on the civilian population, which lasted from 1992 to 1995, were over. Žbanić analyzes the consequences of the war, focussing on individual fates to show the horrible repercussions of this war for the people.

„Red Rubber Boots“, 2000, 18 min; „Images from the Corner“, 2003, 39 min; „Birthday“ (part of “Lost and Found”, 99 min), 2005

>> Mo. 25.09.2006 – 8 p.m. @ Forum Stadtpark