No Lager Nowhere! - freedom of movement and the right to stay (D/2005)

2005, 39 min,Berlin - a co production by the European Anti-Lager Campaign

Camps for refugees and migrants - everywhere in Europe you can find these places, that cannot be found on any usual map. Camps aim to exclude and deterr people, and serve as a filter for the labourmarkets. Camps create a hierachy of rights and represent a cornerstone of global apartheid. It is time to draw new maps, maps of resistance: to tear down the visible and invisible fences and walls, to attack all lagers and detention centers by any means necessary.

The film documents various experiences and actions from eight countries: a collection of testimonies, but mainly a patchwork of images of resistance, which should encourage and inspire to intensify and to transnationalise the struggles against the "lagerregimes".


>> Tue. 03.10.2006 – 8 p.m. @ Forum Stadtpark