Hip Hop - words/ politics/ education

A life of music and poetry, hip hop far away from gold chains, sexism, gestures and glorification of violence. The necessity to confront the audience with social problems and poverty is still existing and will be featured during this weeks music program.

>> Fri. 29.9.2006

*Hip Hop- Word´s: Immigrant´s Power & Immigrant´s Dilemma*

22:00 Music & Performances

Live: K.O.M.A. (Stuttgart)

On Decks: Amtrak (Graz/ Vienna)

>> Sat., 30.9.2006, 10 p.m.

*Slam Poetry: Nexus between Hip Hop and Politics*

22:00 Music & Performances

Live: Deph Joe (Vienna),

On Decks: New Justice League (Graz)