A-Trash (Prag/CZ)

A czech member who dedicates his activities to the counter-culture. On strong D.I.Y./punk ethics and burning stock of conventional unificum he organises experimental mostly electronic events for more than seven years with presence of the same enthusiastic artists and people from all the world. What a party means for the others entertainment of great value - for him it is a more essential thing to turn into practice and experiencing the alternative. He prepars different projects.

Somehow all those rancid sounds and uneasy shapes around us are nothing more than materialised fear of our artificial perfection, waste that could have never seen and heard. When you get closer you feel the deep respect of dark human endeavour and starting understand this language better. Watch your back, utopia banished..


Beitrag für www.illegal-culture.org:

:// C e r t a i n C o n f l i c t : T h e G h o s t I n T h e M a c h i n e

...at the time of hi-tech secure human monitoring gadgets and modern civil-area-disturbing communications and morals every single human being who beating the ground with existencional questions about his role, position and the meaning of the life at this system and whose results relocated him out of a range of the gear as an unloyal unwanted element must constantly asking and reanswering the question how far can he goes for the benefit from the system against the system. The number of counting rounds of constant self-realising is equal to always raising degree of the evolution of technology in every human field. It might be perpetual until the moment everything going to pieces. But before everything going down and while we discuss and mapping the situations here we have to be able bring and present pregnant act that set up the collapse of the shell, what in fact is the mankind itself, with rewrite of exhausted values. With the system it is like with fragile child skeleton, the onliest helmet is crushed helmet. Unfortunaltely the doom is neccessary and awaken capabilities are indeterminate.

Aleche Trash (Praha 1.10.2006)