Slava Tesarek (Prag/CZ)

The founder of Milada - the longest running squat in the Czech republic, and the last one in Prague, unfortunately. It has been occupied since 1st May 1998 as his fourth squatting venue and is still running until present day, offering autonomous space for diverse subcultural activities - gigs, freeparties, workshops, screenings, infostalls etc.

Slava himself has been prosecuted for four times by the Czech authorities for being involved in squatting and organizing street parties. He won all the trials and in the end the Czech state had to officially apologize for an illegal unprovoked attack by the Czech Police officers at thedemonstrations against IMF/World Bank summit. He's also a well known ecological/human rights activist with strong anarchistic background.

>> Sa.07.Oktober @ Veilchen, Forum Stadtpark