SaGA - Dokumentarfilme über den Krieg in Bosnien (BIH/ 1992 -94)

Confessions of a Monster“, Ademir Kenović und Ismet Arnautalić, November 1992, 30 min

“Confessions Of A Monster” is a documentary film made in the fall of 1992 in a military prison in Sarajevo, where a group of journalists, including John Barnes of the New York Times, were introduced to Borislav Herak, a young man in JNA uniform, and the first person in fifty years to be charged with the crime of genocide. His confessions, full of intricate details, are almost unfathomable to the normal human mind painting a striking picture of the atrocities committed in Bosnia and usually classsified by the press using that specially coined phrase “ethnic cleansing”.

I Burnt Legs“, Srdjan Vuletić, April 1993, 10 min

This film deals with the attrocities of war as portrayed by a film student who spends some time working as a medic. One of the duties he performed was to carry amputated limbs to the cremation furnace. This is a film about the collective madness that engulfed Sarajevo. A one-armed boy is troubled because he can’t make big, firm snowballs; a man who lost both legs demonstrates walking on his stumps... The film and the director’s story help us understand the commotion and tumult that have occurred in the minds of Sarajevans.

Amela´s School Holiday“, Zlatko Lavanić, September 1993, 21 min

The story takes place in the war torn Sarajevo. Amela and her father live in an area exposed to constant enemy attacks. The father is ill, the mother left the family taking with her the younger child. Ten-year old Amela does all the chores. She collects firewood in dangerous areas to cook and heat water to bathe her father. The school is over during the summer but Amela does not have time to play with her friends. She has to fetch water, do the laundry by the river... Amela finds her solace in her two guinea pigs, the inseparable friends for whom she always finds some time reminding us all on the fact that her childhood can't be taken away from her.

War in Children“, Nedžad Begović, März 1994, 10 min 

Documentary film “War in Children” is a short expertise of the crime performed on the children of Sarajevo. Through the play of associations then questions on what they dream and when it was worst to them we discover scars in the children’s psyche. Children who were witnesses of sufferings of their closest family or were the victims themselvs speak here. The film is only an indication of crime that was done to children and how big the concentration of evel exists in this war.