Yukimura (Prag/CZ)

One of the most versatile Czech producers and DJs with broad range of selection reaching beyond borders of contemporary electronic or acoustic dance music.

His roots are struck in a mid 90s movement around Prague's squats Ladronka and Cibulka where he took part in deejaying and sorting out dance stages and chillouts at the backrooms of punk/hardcore concert venues.

His present operations arise from the depths of his Mustakillah studio where he produced a number of vinyl records and remixes ranging from ragga dancehall and dub through asian electronica to drum'n'bass, breakcore, dubstep and grime. With his preference in complex musical forms supported by solid soundwork and mastering, his ability to combine these elements with using music as a medium for socially conscious message delivery and transfer it to the dancefloor is one of his biggest skills.

>> Sa.07.Oktober @ Veilchen, Forum Stadtpark