Exhibition: 23.9. till 15.10.2006

Opening hours: Tue - Fr, 10a.m. – 6p.m.; Sa, Su 2p.m. – 6p.m.

artists:  Artists Without Walls, bankleer, Michael Blum, Ralo Mayer + Philipp Haupt, Ana Vujanović/ Marta Popivoda/ Bojana Cvejić, Ursula Mayer

curated by: Marina Gržinić, Margarethe Makovec, Walter Seidl

The exhibition project NO SPACE IS INNOCENT raises questions about the conditions of spaces as models for political, private, architectural, temporal and identity-related zones of interaction. The aim is to examine new possibilities to generate spatial models out of a culturally pre-determined reality, which surpasses traditional forms of living practices and thus leads to an extension of spatial paradigms and their attributed connotations.

The artistic reflection of pre-formulated notions of history as well as future-oriented and utopian concepts of space with their inherent cultural practices mark the starting point of the individual artistic works.

NO SPACE IS INNOCENT will bring to the surface different regimes of thinking and acting in order to communicate and to re-articulate them in a space of a socially and politically gestated memory, history and activity. The different artistic levels, which result from the changing developments in the exhibition space, will be linked in order to not only form a spatial but also content-related matrix bringing together the exhibition as well as the festival site on a geo-political level.

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Michael Blum - The Three Failures, poster, 2006